Conference “And now, what are we doing ? Business solutions for climate”

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Fighting climate change and allowing growth for all, it’s possible! Scientists from the IPCC as well as economists and public authorities from the New Climate Economy agree that solutions exist. But we need to identify them, and above all to deploy at a large scale and high pace, everywhere. Companies and stakeholders present their solutions during this conference.

–  AXA, Christian Thimann, Head of Strategy & Public Affairs
–  EpE, Claire Tutenuit, General Delegate
–  NHO (Norway business association),Kristin Skogen Lund, Director general
–  SkyPower Global, Kerry Adler, CEO
–  Saint-gobain, Claude Imauven, Deputy Director general
–  Vinci Construction, Jérôme Stubler, Chairman
–  Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Glen Murray, Minister

Conference in English