Multi-jurisdictionnal approaches to carbon pricing

4th Décember, 12:00-17:30, Maison de la Chimie
Over the past few years, the concept of “climate clubs” has emerged and matured in several expert-driven processes. The idea is that multilateral negotiations can be complemented with coalitions of the willing on various climate-related issue areas, in particular where there is a need for a high degree of policy coordination. Carbon pricing is among the areas which have been identified as suitable for carbon clubs. This workshop continues conversations started at a conference organized by Climate Strategies and The Stanley Foundation during the Global Climate Policy Conference 2015 in New Delhi, India. Discussions continued at two subsequent events. A workshop hosted by the Stanley Foundation, Climate Strategies, ICTSD, and IDDRI on 8 July 2015 in Paris focused on the role, definition, and interest in developing low carbon clubs. The most recent roundtable, “Designing Elements for a Robust Carbon Pricing Club,” was held at the Stanley Foundation’s 56th Strategy for Peace Conference in October.