Who is responsible for climate change? Paris

fondation de l'école politique
Thuesday 3 november 2015: 5pm
Climate change is a global phenomenon and its consequences affect all populations of the world. However, questioning the notion of individual and collective responsibility, forces us to reconsider the history of climate change and the causes behind this phenomenon. Does the common but differentiated responsibilities principle adopted in 1992, take into account the highly variable differences between actors, in the past history and for the future? How take into account the historical responsibility of industrialized nations? How think to the responsibilities of the priority populations exposed to the consequences that have not contributed to climate change? Clive Hamilton, a famous scholar and Australian philosopher, Catherine Larrère, president of the Foundation of Political Ecology and Christophe Bonneuil, Research Fellow at CNRS, will be present to discuss the individually and collectively responsibility about climate change. Registration here