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Council Meetings WBCSD is governed by its Council, which consists of CEOs or business leaders of equivalent rank and meets annually to discuss strategic issues related to sustainable development and to decide on the priorities and direction of the WBCSD.
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saint gobain
For its anniversary, Saint-Gobain is installing temporary pavilions in four cities around the world. Final stop in October: Paris! In 2015, Saint-Gobain is celebrating its 350th anniversary. For this occasion, the oldest company in the French Bourse CAC 40 index set itself a challenge: provide the general public with a sensory and artistic experience in four of the world’s great cities. It therefore designed four pavilions, called "Future Sensations*". Four pavilions showcase the Company’s ability to innovate and its exceptional expertise in materials, especially building materials. After Shanghai (China) in January, Sao Paulo (Brazil) in April and Philadelphia (United States) in May, the pavilions will be in Paris (France) from October 15 to 31 at Place de la Concorde. They will be open to the general public free-of-charge every day from 10:00am to 6pm (Saturdays until 10pm / Sundays until 8pm). Registration here
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The energetic clocks of EDF group help the city halls to meet the commitments of the City in favor of energy savings. The greenhouse gases reduction is well highlighted through monitoring consumption of buildings and development of environmentally friendly practices. City halls of the 11th and 13th districts, (installation of the clocks at the beginning of the COP21 for the 13th district)
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